Night Deck


Whether you’ve bagged every fourteener or are still dreaming about conquering your first, Peak Playing Cards are part of the adventure. Use them as a trophy of your accomplishment or pick a random one to plan your next climb.

The front of each card has a modern illustration of the summit of the mountain, as well as its name and elevation. The deck features all 53 Colorado fourteeners on the 52 playing cards and 1 Joker. The other Joker showcases the iconic Red Rocks, and there is a blank card included to make your own replacement, should you lose a card.

The suits are also custom designed and compliment the summit illustration. The direction of the lines for the hearts/diamonds and clubs/spades lean opposite directions, making it easy to quickly distinguish between suits of the same color. The cards are beautiful to view, but also easy to play with.

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Product Description

Printed on casino-grade poker cards by the U.S. Playing Card Company, the same makers of the Bicycle® brand cards
Air-cushioned finish for easy dealing and handling
Card paper stock is crafted from sustainable forest paper, starch-based laminating glue, and vegetable-based printing inks


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